January 2020

12 year guarantee on Lifestyle 8000 boilers

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle is a sleek and stylish modern boiler that comes with all of the much-loved features that you’ve come to expect from such a well-known household brand. As replacements for one of the UK’s most popular boilers, the Greenstar range, the 8000 Lifestyle 8000 has a lot to live up to, but how does it fare?

The Lifestyle 8000 is a beautiful boiler that isn’t designed to be stuffed in a closet. It has a high-gloss premium finish that looks stunning wherever you put it, and it paves the way for smart boilers by offering Bosch EasyControl, a feature that allows users to monitor and control their boiler from a smartphone or tablet. It also has a modern full-colour display that helps you understand what’s going on with the boiler.

Regardless of what boiler you get, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve invested in a boiler that is known for its reliability. Cheshire Heat is currently offering a 12-year guarantee* on all Lifestyle 8000 boiler installations. If you’re looking to replace your boiler with a new and modern alternative, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

January 2020

2 years Interest Free Finance!

Our financing options allow you to spread the cost of your new boiler. Install a brand-new boiler for high-quality heating, and you can benefit from interest-free finance for up to two years. At Cheshire Heat Limited, we make it easier for you to own your dream heating system with our flexible financing. We are a Worcester Accredited Installer and work with Hitachi Capital, who are experts in this type of financing.

We offer a full survey and installation service for all types of gas boiler. Specialising in the installation of boilers and renewable energy products from Worcester, we can help to improve the energy efficiency in your home. By improving energy efficiency to over 90%, you could save at least 30% on your energy bills. Combined with our 2 years interest free finance offer, it makes excellent financial sense to install a new boiler.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers can replace your existing boiler in only three days. Our products and services are offered with fixed price competitive rates, and your new boiler can come with a guarantee of up to 12 years*. We can also help you to upgrade your heating system with a smart thermostat, such as those from Nest, Hive, and Honeywell. These can give you even more control over your energy usage and help you to save more on your bills.

Install a new boiler in your home with flexible payments from our 2 years interest free finance. Our reliable and experienced Gas Safe registered engineers can quickly and efficiently install your boiler. Contact us to find out more about how we can help and our financing options.

December 2019

Boiler Installations

Boilers are essential to our everyday lives, which makes it incredibly frustrating to experience a broken or failing boiler. Whether it’s not heating up water properly or if it’s simply dead and refuses to switch on, there could be a number of issues that would require a complete inspection of the boiler in order to fix it. If your boiler is already quite old, then a replacement may be the best course of action.


Do I really need a new boiler?

You generally want to replace your boiler under these circumstances:


  • Your boiler is over a decade old and hasn’t been serviced often
  • Your heating takes forever to reach a comfortable level
  • You’ve noticed your energy bills increasing
  • You can smell something strange coming from there the boiler is placed
  • Your boiler is starting to leak from the main tank
  • Your boiler makes banging or clanking noises


There could be a number of reasons why your boiler isn’t working correctly, but these are the most common signs to look out for so that you can get it fixed as soon as possible.

Other reasons why you may want to move forward with a new boiler with us, would be that we offer 2 years interest free finance, you can have your boiler replaced within 72 hours and above all, peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for a specific boiler or just want a cost-effective solution to get hot water again, we offer a range of different boiler choices. Simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to make suggestions on boilers or offer you our extensive repair services. We’re also open to answering any questions that you might have regarding our boilers or the installation process.

December 2019

Central Heating Services

Your central heating is essential, especially during the colder months. Central heating that isn’t working at its best can end up costing you more money if it isn’t running efficiently, is much harder on the environment and may even be unsafe. To keep your central heating working at its best, you need to take care of all the different elements in it with proper central heating services.

Our team of experts offer a full range of central heating services, including boiler installation, boiler repairs, boiler servicing, central heating installation, safety certificates for landlords and more. Our work is all completed with the highest quality workmanship and safety standards.

We have over 15 years of experience in central heating services, and our team are all professional and Gas Safe registered, meaning you can rely on the work they do for you. To help you decide what work you need doing, we offer free consultations and there’s no callout fee. We’ll only charge you for the work that we do, and the parts used, saving you money without compromising on the standard of work.

We offer central heating services in a wide range of areas, including Stockport, Macclesfield, Prestbury, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow,  Poynton and  Adlington. Our expert team are on hand to help you with everything from choosing the right boiler for your home to safely fitting it and keeping it running to the best of its ability. 


To find out how our central heating services can help you, contact us today to find out more. 

November 2019

How a New Boiler could save you money

Combi boiler installation is something that a number of good quality plumbing and heating engineering companies can provide. But, right now, you might still be evaluating whether or not it's worth your while to replace your old boiler. Well, we think it is – and here's why.

It's all because of energy efficiency. Boiler installation that was done many years ago was likely not done with commitment to climate change and energy legislation in mind. There aren't just green benefits to this; there are also sensible financial reasons behind why a new boiler is better. If you look at your boiler or its instructions, you'll likely find an energy efficiency rating. It could be anything between 'A' and 'G' – however, if it is 5-10 years old, it's likely that it will not be rated 'A'. By switching to a new 'A' rated model, you could be saving hundreds of pounds on your energy bills. This is because the better-rated boiler will use energy more efficiently and, therefore, there will be less fuel loss. This means less gas is being wasted and, therefore, you're spending less on your gas bill! After a decade of use, your new boiler could have saved you hundreds or thousands of pounds in energy bills. Not only that, but there's less chance of a new boiler breaking down than your old boiler, meaning less costly repairs and callouts. So, if you've been thinking about getting a new combi boiler installation done, you can surely see the logic of going through with the change.

November 2019

How to maintain a Healthy Central Heating system

Combi boiler installation could be what you're looking for right now. As you may know, good gas heating specialists will be able to offer you advice as to the best boiler for your property and your heating needs. They can then purchase it and install it for you as part of a deal.

But, of course, many people would rather know what a quality gas boiler is before they approach heating engineers to get a boiler installation done. Some of the best brands in the world of boilers are, for example; Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Glow Worm and Baxi. Worcester's boilers are known for their quietness and efficiency and receive very little negative feedback. Vaillant's gas boilers are also known for their durability and efficiency. However, you will pay for the quality that these two brands provide. Not to worry though, as there are other mid-range options for your combi boiler installation job. Baxi, for example, is known for reliability and affordability. Ideal's popular combi boilers are also very sound and come with the boost of getting a five-year guarantee on parts and labour. Then there's Glow Worm. This brand is extremely well received, as its boilers are both reliable and priced so that most people can afford them. However, if money is a real stretch and you need a new combi boiler, consider Vokera. This is a solid brand of budget combi boilers that are best suited to rental properties and flats. These are some of the best combi boiler brands to keep an eye out for when looking to get a new system installation.

October 2019

Boiler health check before winter sets in

With winter on the way, it’s time to give your boiler a health check.

Boiler health checks are critical. You want to make sure that there are no glaring problems with your boiler that will cause it to stop working as soon as the snow begins to fall outside.


Prevent Breakdowns

While boilers might appear to sit there stationary on your wall, they actually contain a lot of moving parts. Over time these parts can become worn and eventually fail, leading the whole system to stop working. What’s more, boilers have to cope with intense heat, pressure and water corrosion, making them prone to breakdown unless they get proper servicing.

Getting a boiler health check before winter, therefore, is vital. It tells you whether there are any serious issues with your boiler and if you need to take action now to stop them from ruining the winter months.

If you have an older boiler, getting a health check before winter is even more essential. Boilers that are more than ten years old are more prone to breaking down than newer, more recently installed units, owing to their age.


Stop Your Bills from Creeping Up

There’s another reason people like to give their boilers a health check before winter: to stop their bills from creeping up.

Boilers tend to become less efficient over time. The internal elements don’t work as well, and they don’t convert as much energy to heat as they did when they were new. A good service can help to restore a boiler to peak operational efficiency, saving you money over the winter months.

October 2019

Boiler servicing: you've heard of it, but do you know why it's so important or even what it does?

The purpose of boiler servicing is to ensure the continued wellbeing of your boiler. While a boiler might look static and serene from the outside, the outer shell conceals the technical workings within. Boilers are sophisticated pieces of machinery which, like cars, need regular servicing to keep them in good condition.

Our Gas Safe boiler engineers carry out boiler services and maintenance by checking internal components and ensure that boilers retain their efficiency, keeping your bills down. 


Why You Need A Boiler Service

Getting boiler service is vital if you want your boiler to work all year round and keep bills down. If you don’t maintain your boiler adequately, it can lose efficiency over time. Eventually, boilers can become so inefficient that you can end up spending more on bills than you do on servicing. 


How Often Do You Need A Boiler Service and What Does It Cost?

Most professionals recommend that you service your boiler annually, especially if it is more than ten years old. Regularly servicing not only ensures that it’ll work through the winter, but it also helps to keep it in warranty.

The cost of servicing a boiler is actually much less than you might think. Annual servicing doesn’t have to be expensive and, if you do it every year, it can help to bring the overall cost of maintenance down. Regular servicing means can mean that you need fewer replacement parts.

September 2019

Boiler finance in Macclesfield

If you’re in need of boiler finance in Macclesfield, Cheshire Heat Services Ltd is here to help you. Our boilers and financing options are second to none. Working with Hitachi Capital, we offer flexible payment options that work for our customers, as well as up to 10 years warranty included!


12 Months, to 2 years Interest Free Credit

When you come to us to find your new boiler, you’ll be able to take advantage of our 12 months, to 2 years interest free credit. This financing option makes it easier for our customers to buy our products sustainably and without worry.


Spread the Cost of Your New Boiler

It gives you the ability to spread the cost of your boiler over those 1 to 2 years, without paying anything extra. We know that this kind of purchase often can’t wait and being able to cover the costs over a greater length of time makes a huge difference.


Take Advantage of High Spec Heating Systems

We offer a range of high spec boilers and heating systems for you to buy and have installed by our team of professionals. Make the most of that fact and do so with the help of the boiler finance discussed above. You won’t be disappointed by the boiler you choose.

So, if you’re looking for a new boiler in Macclesfield and you need boiler finance to help pay for it, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Cheshire Heat Services Ltd. We’ll answer any questions you might have and help you find the boiler you need. Check out the eligibility requirements here on our website too.

September 2019

Installing a new boiler can reduce your carbon footprint

Saving the planet is high on the agenda for many of us. As environmental issues dominate the headlines, many of us are looking for ways we can do our bit and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. One goal that has become increasingly commonplace among UK households is reducing your carbon footprint. Many of us are aware of the environmental benefits of using public transport and opting to buy green vehicles, but did you know that installing a new boiler can reduce your carbon footprint? 


The benefits of replacing old boilers

We tend to focus on travelling and getting around when we consider our carbon footprints, but there are several contributing factors, including replacing old boilers and household appliances with newer, smarter versions. The latest boilers are much more energy-efficient than those installed in households in previous decades, and this offers multiple benefits. Increased efficiency not only aids the environment, but it will also save you a substantial amount of money when it comes to paying energy bills. Most new boilers now have an energy efficiency rating of A, which means that efficiency can be up to 75% higher than older units.

It is estimated that up to half of UK households are still using older boilers to heat their homes. If your boiler dates back to 2005 or before, installing a new boiler could have a dramatic impact on your household spending, as well as your carbon footprint. You can also embrace greener living by reducing energy consumption, switching to energy-efficient appliances, using public transport or walking or cycling to work, and ensuring you recycle materials like paper and plastic.

If you have an old boiler at home, and you’re keen to save money and protect the planet, why not consider investing in a new unit and lowering your carbon footprint?

August 2019

Boiler installations in Macclesfield

New Gas Boiler Installations In Macclesfield

Did you know that only 60% of the energy used by old boilers creates heat? The other 40% is wasted, never to be seen again. For homeowners, it’s something they literally can’t afford to put up with as energy bills are too high. You need a solution, and the answer is to install a new boiler.

Modern products increase efficiency to over 90%, saving you a small fortune in the short-term. In the long run, you can expect to cut costs by 30% for the entire lifetime of your boiler, which is 15 to 20 years on average. And don’t forget about your carbon footprint too. Saving almost one-third of your usual energy usage is an excellent way to go green and do your bit for the planet.


The Installation Process

Because you’re not a heating engineer or a Gas Safe registered technician, you won’t know how to choose the right boiler to install. After all, statistics only go so far. The best boiler installations in Macclesfield provide a full survey to ensure that you choose a product that suits your home’s and family’s needs. Depending on your demand, there are different boilers available and it’s essential to install the one that covers every base.

If you need help, then we are here to help. Get in touch and one of our dedicated customer service representatives will discuss your requirements. Then, an experienced and skilled technician will make sure you benefit from our efficient and cost-effective products.

Call now or check out the website for more information.

August 2019

Smart controls in Macclesfield

If you’re looking for smart controls in Macclesfield, then you’ve come to the right place. Our range of smart controls enables you to fine tune the heating in your home, providing you with a host of benefits. 


Get Energy-Saving Smart Controls Today

Traditional heating systems weren’t particularly smart. They would turn the heating on and off on a timer, whether you were at home to benefit from it or not. Every year, homeowners wasted a substantial amount of money, heating empty homes.

Smart controls help you avoid this problem, saving you money in the process. With a smart control system installed in your Macclesfield home, you can control the temperature in your home remotely.  Turn off your heating altogether if you know you won’t be travelling home. 


Get A Thermostat Which Learns

Many smart controls on the market today use AI to learn your preferences and adapt automatically. You don’t have to tell them what to do; just allow them to track your behaviour, and they’ll do the rest - it’s that simple. 


Control Your Hearing And Hot Water Tank From A Single Dashboard

Why have separate controls for your heating and hot water tank when you can control them together? Well, with smart controls, you can. Set the temperature of your hot water as well as your heating from your smartphone, tablets, computer or any other internet-connected device via the cloud without switching from one system to another.

Smart controls can save you money and make your Macclesfield home more efficient. Is it time you had yours installed? 

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